Audi to discuss McLaren deal tomorrow: Report


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German luxury car manufacturer Audi’s supervisory board will discuss McLaren partnership on Wednesday, revealed a report by Reuters. Audi’s supervisory board will discuss ways for the automaker to enter Formula One, including a possible partnership with McLaren Automotive, claims the report. The report also claims that no decision has been made yet.

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Volkswagen board, which owns the luxury car brand Audi, discussed the matter of stepping into the Formula One arena in a meeting last week. Interestingly, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann and Porsche CEO Oliver Blume are known as ardent fans of Formula One. Hence, it can be assumed how Audi is advancing about the deal with McLaren.

Meanwhile, the report comes after McLaren Automotive on Monday denied the report that Audi has purchased the British luxury sportscar brand. However, McLaren also left the door open to technological collaboration with relevant partners and suppliers.

Audi on the other hand is looking at various cooperation ideas. However, it is yet to confirm whether the automaker is discussing a possible sale with the British car brand or not. Audi already owns the Italian supercar brand Lamborghini. While Volkswagen AG is the owner of the Lamborghini brand since 1998, Audi spearheaded the deal on behalf of Volkswagen, its parent brand. If Audi buys McLaren, it will become the second supercar brand under Audi’s umbrella.

The German publication Automobilwoche on Sunday reported that Audi is particularly interested in the Formula 1 division of McLaren. On the other hand, it also reported that another German luxury car marquee BMW is willing to purchase the road-focused supercar division of McLaren. However, this report too is yet to be confirmed.

McLaren, impacted hard by the pandemic is trying to fetch new investments in different ways. A deal with Audi and BMW can bring it the much-desired money to develop new products.


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