Bajaj’s Maxima C shows strength in 3-wheeler cargo segment, claims 45% share of the total market


New Delhi.
Bajaj Auto Limited has further strengthened its hold in the three-wheeler cargo segment. The company’s Maxima C three-wheeler cargo has captured 45 per cent of the market share during the period from April 21 to November 21. The special thing is that Maxima C has been achieved in 6 years from launch.

The Maxima C is sold in the Indian market in both CNG and Diesel models. Powerful engine has been given in the CNG variant of Maxima C, which generates maximum power of 7.30 kW at 4750 rpm. Its diesel variant has a 470.5 cc engine for power, which generates a maximum power of 6.74 kW at 3400 rpm and a torque of 23.18 Nm at 2000 rpm. The high payload capacity of the vehicle helps it to lift heavy loads like LPG cylinders and construction material in difficult terrains. Strong power suspension and hydraulic shock absorbers allow it the freedom to carry delicates without worry of damage.

Speaking about the success of Maxima Cargo, Samardeep Subandh, President, Intra-City Business, said, “The unmatched product strength of the Bajaj Maxima C of reliability, power and economy coupled with Bajaj Auto’s strong financing strength, dealer network and manufacturing capability Is. Ensured quick scale-up of the proposal even in times of difficult pandemic. First time buyers across the country have also opted for Maxima C as the Bajaj name has established trust in this period.


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