Corona and lockdown stopped the speed of MG Motor, sales in India decreased by 60 percent in a month


New Delhi.
MG Motor India has released the sales report for May 2021. The company’s sales have been badly affected by the second wave of Corona. In the information sent to the stock exchange, the Chinese authorized British carmaker said that in May 2021, it sold a total of 1016 cars in the Indian market. Whereas, in April 2021, the company sold a total of 2565 cars in India. That is, there has been a huge decline of 60 percent in the company’s sales in May 2021 as compared to April 2021. In fact, to break the chain of Corona, lockdown was imposed in most of the states of the country in the month of May, which had a huge impact on the sales of the company. At the same time, the production of the company was also affected during this period.

Even though the company’s sales have decreased in May 2021 as compared to April 2021, but if compared with the month of May last year, then the company’s sales have registered an increase of 43 percent. Let us tell you that in May 2020, MG Motor India sold only 710 vehicles in India. Let us inform that due to Corona and lockdown last year, both the sales and production of the company were affected in the month of May.

How was the sales in April?

MG Motor India sold a total of 2565 cars in April 2021. Whereas, in March 2021, the company sold 5528 vehicles (units). Due to the second wave of Corona, there was a lockdown in many states of the country in the last 15 days of April, due to which the sale of the company was seen. However, MG Motor produced more than retail and dispatched vehicles to dealerships in April. Then it was told from the company that according to the order received by it, the production of vehicles is running late by three months.


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