Delhi pollution: This concept car literally cleans air around it. Check out how


It is that time of the year again in Delhi when pollution levels have shot off the charts and every single monitoring station is reporting figures in a bloodshot shade of red. A day after Diwali saw locals waking up to a haze with many pointing to the grey skyline with a familiar feeling of disdain.

And while several factors contribute to Delhi’s horrific air quality each year – from stubble burning in adjoining states to firecrackers and even vehicular emissions – the yearly problem seems to have no concrete solution yet. But what if a certain air cleaning vehicle transforms from concept form to mass production and manages to touch down on Indian shores?

Say a warm hello to a breath of fresh air in the automotive world, say hello to Airo.

Showcased for the first time at the Shanghai Car Show and Goodwood Festival of Speed, Airo has been designed by British designer Thomas Heatherwick and is a concept that managed to create a whole lot of buzz. In a world where zero emission vehicles are considered the future, here comes in a negative emission vehicle.

But what is a zero emission vehicle and why does the world – and Delhi in particular – really need a car like Airo?

Heatherwick states that Airo can collect particulate matter worth the size of a tennis ball. Fitted with HEPA filters, the electric vehicle (EV) claims to actively clean polluted air around it.

Of course, there are plenty of other highlights as well – swivel seats that can be folded and transformed into a bed, four-leaf table for dining, screen for projected video images, and more.

At the end of it all though, Airo is a concept and it won’t come to much if it does not hit production lines and also, isn’t really affordable. But Heatherwick reportedly wants to actually bring it out on roads and the vehicle may enter production by 2023. Will it be a game-changer for cities with high pollution levels? Time will tell.


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