Electric vehicles steal limelight at Los Angeles Auto Show


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Electric vehicles steal the limelight at Los Angeles Auto Show, one of the major physical automotive events taking place during pandemic. The 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show is also taking place after a year’s hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The event is witnessing a host of electric vehicles grabbing attention of the visitors.

The major all-electric cars being unveiled at the event include Subaru Solterra small SUV, which is the automaker’s first-ever pure EV. Vietnamese auto manufacturer VinFast too is ready to showcase its two all-electric SUVs – VF e35 and e36 at the event.

The world automobile market is thriving fast towards zero emission mobility. Pure electric vehicles are playing a key role in that growth strategy. Los Angeles Auto Show being one of he major global automotive events, the major OEMs are ready to grab this opportunity to showcase their pure electric products at the event.

Among other car manufacturers, Nissan, Hyundai, Fisker, Ford too are showing off their respective pure electric vehicles.

Hyundai will debut its all-electric SUV christened as SEVEN at the event. Hyundai’s sibling brand Kia too will showcase the EV9 pure electric SUV that can accommodate seven occupants just like Hyundai SEVEN.

Nissan is showcasing the Ariya, an all-electric SYV first announced in 2020. Nissan hopes this e-SUV will help the brand to recapture the EV segment replicating its initial success with the Nissan Leaf EV.

Besides the conventional vehicle manufacturing companies, the event will also see several EV startups.

News agency AP reports that the Los Angeles Auto Show will have more test-drive opportunities than past shows. There will be an indoor electric vehicle test track as well as outdoor test drive opportunities at the event.


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