From UK to Thailand: Tesla cop cars around the world


Tesla electric vehicles as police cars are something that has been making headlines over the past few years. The latest on this list is London Metropolitan Police that is using the Tesla Model 3 as cop cars. The Tesla Model 3 electric sedans wearing the bright colours of London Police have become viral.

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However, UK is not the only country where Tesla cars are not being used as police cars. In other countries such as the US, Thailand, Switzerland too Tesla electric cars are being used as police cars.

Here is a list of countries where Tesla electric models are being used as police cars.

United States

Tesla cars are being used as cop cars in the electric vehicle manufacturer’s home country for nearly a decade. Several state police departments use Tesla vehicles as police cars. Fremont Police Department in California has been using the Tesla Model S for quite a long time.

Tesla Model Y was started being used as the police car by the Hastings-on-Hudson Police Department of Westchester County, New York. Apart from these, several other state police departments also use Tesla models as police cars.


Tesla Model X is serving as police cars in Switzerland since 2018. The city of Bassel in the European country has ordered a fleet of Tesla Model X police cars in 2018. The cars were delivered in two parts by 2019. Following the order, Tesla CEO Elon Musk termed the Sziss police as smart police.


Thailand Police Department leased seven Tesla Model 3 Performance models for the amount of $2.7 million in April 2019. These Tesla Model 3 Performance police cars are dedicatedly used for VVIP duties.

United Kingdom

UK police, fire brigade and other emergency services are using Tesla Model 3 as an emergency response car. Currently, the Tesla Model 3s are being tested on a trial basis before the final order. As part of the country 2018 zero-emission strategy, UK’s emergency services are scheduled to move to an all-electric fleet by 2030.


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