OLA S1 Pro First Ride Review: Should I buy or not?


New Delhi, Ankit Dubey.

Talking about the progress of electric vehicles, a company has taken a resolution to revolutionize it, which you and I know very well. OLA, yes this company will not only provide us cabs now but is also providing Made in India Electric Vehicles for all of us. Apart from the electric two-wheeler, the company is also preparing to launch a new electric 4-wheeler. Well, when the four-wheeler will be launched, then we will talk about the four-wheeler, for the time being we have driven OLA’s flagship scooter OLA S1 Pro, which we are definitely reviewing for you.

Design and Features

When the OLA S1 Pro was launched three months ago, we could not get a chance to take a closer look at this scooter but now when we talk about the design of the S1 Pro, it looks premium with a classic look for the first time. Very neat, clean and simple looking scooter you will like it at first sight. Timeless design is seen. That is, you will not see this scooter old even after 5-6 years from today. Fit and finish is seen everywhere. Panel gaps are also filled correctly. The quality of the switchgear looks great and whatever material the company has used, you will not look cheap. At the front, you get the smiley face LED headlight, which gives a unique look to the scooter.

Apart from this, you get single monoshock in front and rear. The alloy wheels also look very nice and if we look at the foot board, then it is also seen differently. However, here you cannot keep much stuff and obviously you cannot keep cylinders at all. In the S1 Pro, the company is also offering a USB charging port as well as speakers, which you will find under the handlebar. Not only this, the company is offering a boot space of 36 liters in the scooter, in which two half-face helmets can be kept comfortably. The seat is quite large and comfortable.



Talking about the features, the company has given a 7-inch TFT touchscreen in it, which comes with tremendous resolution and brightness. Quite easy to use. However, we could not connect it to our smartphone and also use its Map My India navigation. Jio’s E-SIM is available in it and you can listen to music in it as a feature. Features like phone call control and cruise control are also available. However, we could not use this touchscreen very well as its software was in beta version and in this you get software updates through over the air. You get to see three riding modes – Normal, Sport and Hyper as well as a reverse gear which pushes the scooter back at a speed of just 2 km.


Let us tell you that there is no physical key available in Ola S1 Pro. To unlock the scooter, you have to enter a 6 digit password and after that the scooter will be locked over. After this the lock of the scooter will open and not only this, the touchscreen will also have to be used to open the boot.



Ola S1 Pro has a battery capacity of 3.97 kwh, which comes with a mid drive IPM motor. The electric motor generates power of 8.5 kW (11.4bhp) and torque of 58 Nm. According to the company, it takes 6 hours 30 minutes to fully charge and in fast charging this scooter gives a range of up to 75 km on 18 minutes of charging.

If you drive on the normal mode, then you get good speed as soon as you hit the throttle and torque also starts appearing at once. On this mode, the range was showing us up to 148 km on a full charge. Quite silent and smooth it takes to drive this scooter. Mostly we have tested this scooter on Hyper Mode and Ola claims that it takes 3 seconds for this scooter to accelerate from 0 to 40 kmph on this mode. Even though we did not get much time to drive the scooter nor have we been able to test this scooter well to see what level its performance is, all we would like to say about this is that it is the fastest ever in its segment. Electric scooter. Its top speed is 115 kmph. However, on Hyper mode, this scooter shows a range of up to 85 kms. We haven’t been able to test the actual range of the scooter, but we will let you know about the actual range soon when we get the S1 Pro scooter for city rides. Its performance is good even on Sport mode and on normal mode you can run all day at speeds up to 60 kmph for more range. Talking about the ride quality, it is also good. Not so great. The suspension seems harsh only on slightly rough roads.


Talking about the braking setup, disc brakes are available in both the wheels, due to which the braking works well. However, if you apply brakes at high speed, then your confidence is seen going down here. The company did not provide the ABS feature, but Ola has given Combined Braking System (CBS) in it. Overall, the OLA S1 Pro seems to run fine, although we will be able to give you a good information about the performance and battery range only when we do a detailed review of it.

Our Verdict:


If seen, the S1 Pro still needs improvement and it is really improving. It can be said that when the company delivers this scooter to the customers, all the improvements will be made in it and its software is also currently on beta version, so it will also be updated completely soon. Features are good, styling is also great and you will be happy to see the performance. If you are also planning to buy an electric scooter, then definitely take a test ride of OLA S1 Pro. Its price in the Indian market is Rs 1.30 lakh, but after getting the subsidy, its ex-showroom price in Delhi is Rs 1.10 lakh.


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