This is how Elon Musk responds to General Motors CEO’s EV leader comment


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Tesla is certainly the pole position holder when it comes to the US electric vehicle market. The US-based EV manufacturer owns a sizeable chunk of the global electric car market as well. As most of us simply focus on electric vehicles, it’s hard to ignore the surrounding topics in the domain.

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Earlier in November, General Motors CEO Mary Barra was asked about electric vehicles and she said that GM is the market leader in EVs. She also said that GM is not going to cede its leadership position to anyone. These words were amplified by US President Joe Biden during his tour of GM’s ZERO EV plant, where he took the GMC Hummer EV for a test drive.

Mary Barra’s comment surprised many, as the iconic auto manufacturer is nowhere close to Tesla when it comes to selling electric vehicles. Responding to GN CEO’s comment, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has tweeted, “Hypothetically, if they did make lots of electric cars, then they would be the leader.” As per Musk’s indication, GM has a chance to become a market leader if it starts making a larger number of EVs.

However, at this moment, GM is far away from that point. Tesla is currently the biggest electric car seller in the US. Ford Motor Company recently said that it aims to step up its game and within two-years targets to become the second-largest electric car manufacturer in the US. In that case, as well, General Motors would be number three, at best.

GM in the meantime has spent a lot of resources to develop its new Ultium platform, dedicated to the future electric vehicles of the automaker. Either way, the consumers are going to see a flurry of electric cars coming to the market as almost all the car majors are working on a host of BEVs.


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