BBOTT: Shamita got burnt after seeing Divya’s lip balm in Rakesh Bapat’s pocket, took class like this


In ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, if the closeness of any connection is being discussed the most, it is Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat. Rakesh is sometimes seen kissing Shamita and sometimes flirting with her. Recently, he was also seen giving a foot massage to Shamita. Seeing the kind of chemistry and closeness that is being seen between Rakesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty inside the Bigg Boss house, other family members have also started teasing them. But recently something happened that saw Shamita Shetty getting furious and started Rakesh Bapat’s class. Poor Rakesh Bapat apologized for persuading him and kept on kissing.

What is the whole matter, let me tell you. Actually all the family members were sitting in the living area. Rakesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty were also there. Then lip balm fell from Rakesh Bapat’s pocket, which was picked up by Pratik Sehajpal. Prateek thought that it would belong to Shamita, so he started teasing Rakesh and Shamita by saying that look, Shamita’s lip balm has fallen from Rakesh’s pocket. After this all the family members start teasing Rakesh. Then Rakesh Bapat tells him that the lip balm does not belong to Shamita but Divya Agarwal.

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Shamita gets angry seeing Divya’s lip balm

Divya also tells all the family members that she had an extra lip balm. Rakesh needed it, he asked, so he gave a lip balm to Rakesh. Seeing this, Shamita Shetty gets angry and she teases that she sacrificed her family letter for Rakesh. After this all the members of the house start teasing Rakesh Bapat and Shamita. Then Shamita Shetty tells everyone that she is not his girlfriend so stop teasing like this. But Divya Aggarwal tells Shamita Shetty that it would be nice if she becomes Rakesh’s girlfriend.

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Reacted like this on the question of becoming Rakesh’s girlfriend
After listening to Divya, Rakesh asks Shamita if anything else can happen between them. In response, Shamita Shetty says that she will think about it when she goes out of the house. After this, when Divya Aggarwal leaves the living area, Shamita Shetty gets furious at Rakesh Bapat. She asks him why did he take lip balm from Divya? Shamita says that if she does not like a person, then her special friend or close friend should not like or befriend that person. Rakesh starts laughing on hearing this and apologizes to Shamita.

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‘Shamita Shetty has less makeup?’
Shamita does not agree and tells Rakesh Bapat that she becomes very possessive for whomever she likes. He said that he is not jealous of Divya but she does not like him either. Rakesh Bapat tries his best to convince Shamita, but she does not agree. When Rakesh says that his lips had become dry and only Divya was around then, so he asked him for a balm, to which Shamita says, ‘Shamita Shetty has less makeup?’

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Rakesh Bapat kept kissing again and again to celebrate
Rakesh keeps on kissing Shamita again and again to convince her. At first Shamita does not agree, but later forgets all the grievances. Even before this, when Zeeshan Khan was evicted from the house by Bigg Boss, Divya was crying a lot. At that time when Rakesh Bapat went to convince Divya and hugged her, even then Shamita Shetty was angry. Even at that time, Rakesh Bapat had to roll a lot of papads to convince Shamita Shetty.


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