Bigg Boss 15: There was a ruckus in the house regarding duty, Rashmi told Prateek – ‘bull wit’


Bigg Boss 15 is once again in a new mood. Actually, apart from the old contestants, four new members have come as a wild card entry. The four new members have been kept in the VIP zone. Due to which all of them have got the facilities of VIP contestants. After this, the four wild card entrants give duty to the non-VIP members. During this, a fierce fight ensues between Rashmi Desai and Prateek Sahajpal.

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There is talk about the duty of non-VIP members in Bigg Boss house. VIP members decide the duties of these people. During this, Prateek Sahajpal says that he will only clean the living room. On this Rashmi Desai says that it will not work like that first you asked for chopping and now you are refusing. Prateek Sahajpal says that it takes a lot to clean the living room, so I am refusing to do the chopping. Rashmi Desai says that this is not the first time she has entered the Bigg Boss house, which she does not know how much time it takes to clean the living room.

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Prateek Sahajpal and Rashmi Desai tell each other that they do not have an issue. The argument between the two turns into a fight. Prateek Sahajpal says that Rashmi tells Desai that he does not have wisdom. On hearing this, Rashmi Desai gets furious and Prateek tells Sahajpal that she is ‘bull intellect’. At the same time, in Prateek Sahajpal’s kitchen, a fight breaks out with Umar Riaz and Rajiv Adatia over butter theft.

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Rakhi Sawant says that Rajiv will not eat food prepared by Adatia. She says that he spits on food, so she says if Rajeev Adatia cooks, she will not eat food. Rakhi Sawant says that she will change duty from Rajiv Adatia’s kitchen, so non-VIP does not agree with this. On this Rakhi Sawant says that she will die but will not eat food cooked by Rajiv Adatia. There is a constant debate between the two.


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