How ‘special’ is Pawandeep Rajan to Arunita Kanjilal? Singer’s answer robbed my heart


Arunita Kanjilal and Pawandeep Rajan, who appeared in ‘Indian Idol 12’, have reacted many times on the news of their friendship and link-up, but fans are that personal life I want to see them together. Whatever name people give to this friendship, but Arunita and Pawandeep consider each other as good friends.

Pawandeep and Arunita will soon be seen in a song (Pawandeep Arunita new song), whose teaser was launched recently. Shanmukhpriya will also be with him in this song. At the teaser launch, RJ Siddharth Kanan asked funny questions from Arunita and Pavandeep on their friendship to their fights.

‘How much does Pawandeep matter as a friend?

When Siddharth Kanan asked Arunita how much Pawandeep means to her as a friend and career, Arunita said, ‘When we do music together, I am always curious to know everything that it is. How does it happen, how does it happen. He (Pavandeep Rajan) comes to play many musical instruments. He also plays the tabla on the harmonium desk. So seeing and knowing all this, we became friends.

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What is special about Arunita-Pawandeep’s friendship?

On the other hand, when Pawandeep Rajan was asked what is it that makes his and Arunita’s friendship special, Pawandeep said, ‘Our friendship is a musical friendship. I learn a lot from him. She is an amazing singer. Once we were doing a jamming session and saw that she was singing amazingly. He is a brilliant artist.

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Who is the most short tempered?
During this, Siddharth Kanan asked a funny question to Arunita, Pawandeep and Shanmukhpriya, to which Pawandeep got a little angry after hearing the answer. When asked who is the shortest tempered among the three, Arunita took the name of Pawandeep. Hearing his name, Pawandeep immediately said to Arunita, ‘How do you know? I have never been angry with you?’

Let us tell you that ‘Indian Idol 12’ was won by Pawandeep Rajan, while Arunita Kanjilal was the first runner-up of the show. The show is over and Pawandeep- Arunita are busy with further projects.


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