How was the relationship of ‘Ram’ in real life with Ravan of ‘Ramayana’ i.e. Arvind Trivedi, said Arun Govil


Actor Arvind Trivedi, who played the strong character of Ravana in the famous serial ‘Ramayan’ on DD National, is no more with us. All the artists from the industry and even PM Modi have condoled his death. Actor Arun Govil, who played Lord Ram in ‘Ramayana’, Sunil Lahiri, who played Laxman, have also condoled his death.

Arun Govil has expressed grief over the passing of his co-star on Twitter. He wrote in tweeting, ‘Spiritually the reason for Ramavatar and in the worldly a very noble, religious, simple natured person and my dear friend Arvind Trivedi ji has been lost by the human society today. Of course they will go straight to the supreme abode and will find the company of Lord Shri Ram.

Sunil Lahiri posted his pictures and wrote, ‘Very sad news that our beloved Arvind Bhai (Ravana of Ramayana) is no more with us. May God rest his soul. I have no words, he was like the father we have lost, who was my guide and well wisher.

It is said that there was a similar relationship in real life between these actors, who were seen in opposite characters of Ram and Ravana in the serial. However, Arun Govil has also raised the veil from this truth. Arun Govil has told that people used to touch his feet even in real life because of his god incarnation on screen. He also told that people also liked his off-screen connection with Arvind Trivedi.

Arun Govil said in a conversation with the media, ‘I woke up to the news of the death of my dear colleague Arvind Trivedi, who passed away last night. I spoke to him on chat about 10 days ago, he was not feeling well. Although he did not have any major problems but there were problems due to age. I regret that I could not attend his funeral. I worked with him in Ambergaon for many years and he was a good friend of mine. He was also a good co-star and we have spent a lot of time working together.

He also said that Rama and Ravana were two strong characters of Ramayana with Sita, but there was never any such animosity or competition between them. Arun Govil described him as a gentleman, professional and a brilliant actor. Arun Govil told that there has never been any difference or dispute between them.


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