Kangana made fun of Mahatma Gandhi, said- Freedom does not beg by pushing the other cheek


Kangana Ranaut on Tuesday sparked a fresh controversy, claiming that Subhash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh did not get any support from Mahatma Gandhi. He ridiculed Mahatma Gandhi’s mantra of non-violence and said that turning the other cheek gives ‘begging’ and not freedom. Ranaut had said last week that India did not get independence in 1947, but ‘begged’, the real freedom came in 2014 when the Narendra Modi government came to power.

Ranaut targeted Mahatma Gandhi by posting one after the other on ‘Instagram’ and asked to choose your heroes wisely.

Kangana has shared a news published in a newspaper whose headline is, ‘Gandhi agreed to hand over other Netaji’. The report claimed that Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohammad Ali Jinnah had agreed with a British judge that they would hand over Bose if he entered the country.

Ranaut has written with this cutting of the newspaper, ‘Either you are a fan of Gandhi or a supporter of Netaji. You two cannot be together… choose and decide.’

In another post, Ranaut has claimed, ‘Those who fought for freedom were handed over to their masters by people who did not have the courage to fight their oppressors or whose blood did not boil but were cunning and power-greedy. Were.’

After this, he targeted Gandhi and even claimed that there is evidence that he wanted Bhagat Singh to be hanged.

34-year-old Kangana said, “These are the same people who taught us that if someone slaps you, put the other cheek forward for one more slap and that’s how you will get freedom.” In this way no one gets freedom, in this way one can get alms. Choose your heroes wisely.’

Kangana said that it is time for people to know about their history and their heroes. He said, ‘Just keeping all of them in a groove of your memory and wishing them all happy birthdays every year is not enough, it is not only foolish, but highly irresponsible and superficial.’

Ranaut was recently awarded the Padma Shri by President Ram Nath Kovind, two days after he gave a statement regarding independence.


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