Kangana Ranaut worried about the film artists of Afghanistan, said – I am sad for them


Ever since () in () has once again taken hold, concerns are being raised all over the world. K celebrities are also sharing their views on the issue of Afghanistan. (), who has been keeping an outspoken statement on the Taliban, has also expressed concern over the threat to the lives of Afghan artists. Kangana has shared the director’s views on this issue. Kabir Khan spoke to our colleague Times of India on the change in power in Afghanistan. Kangana has shared a part of this interview of Kabir on her Instagram story. Along with this, Kangana wrote in the caption, ‘Sad for the cast of ‘Afghanistan’. Kabir Khan, who made his first film in Afghanistan, told ETimes, ‘I have worked on films and documentaries for many years. I have many friends in Afghanistan. In these years some people left the country but still many people are present there. They are asking us for help. I am sorry that I am not able to do anything for them. Kabir Khan further said, ‘Indian Embassy in Kabul has also been closed. I know some people in the Ministry of External Affairs but no one can do anything because it has become difficult to reach Kabul. We cannot do anything except watch the events there in the news. It is also difficult to imagine that there will be an atmosphere of fear among the people of the film industry there. Taliban will target them. The last time the Taliban came to power, they banned films and photography. I don’t think they will be able to make films now.


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