Tamil actress accuses former minister of sexual abuse, says – forced forced abortion


A famous Tamil actress has accused former Tamil Nadu minister Dr Manikandan of cheating, blackmailing and sexually abusing her. The actress alleges that all this was happening to her for the last 5 years. Following the complaint of the actress, the Chennai Police has registered a case against AIADMK leader Dr Manikandan.

Sexual abuse by pretending to be married
The 36-year-old actress has demanded strict action against Manikandan. The actress has told that her and Manikandan’s relationship has been going on since 2017. At that time, Manikandan had sex with the actress promising marriage, but later Manikandan refused to marry after the actress insisted.

Threatened to kill
According to the report of our colleague Times Now, the actress has also alleged that when she became pregnant, Manikandan forcibly got her aborted. He said that Manikandan had also threatened that if he was complained, he would leak pictures of the actress online. The actress has also accused Manikandan of threatening to kill her in his complaint. However, no statement has been issued by Doctor Manikandan on these allegations.

Actress is a citizen of Malaysia
The actress who accused Dr. Manikandan is a citizen of Malaysia of Indian origin. She has told that she came in contact with Manikandan when she used to work for Malaysian tourism. Along with her complaint, the actress has given many of her pictures with Manikandan as evidence to the police. The actress has told that Dr. Manikandan also got him a house in Chennai to live.


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