Video: Nick Jonas accidentally put Priyanka Chopra’s dress on foot, then what happened is worth seeing


Global stars Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are always in the news for some reason or the other. Not only in India or America, but all over the world, both of them have a good fan-following. Now at the ‘Billboard Music Awards 2021’, photos and videos of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s red carpet are going viral on social media. Now a video of Priyanka and Nick is going viral in which Nick accidentally sets off Priyanka’s dress and then what happens was worth watching.

This video of Nick and Priyanka has been shared by ‘Fan Club’. Let me tell you that while Nick was hosting the ‘Billboard Music Awards 2021’ Awards show, Priyanka was also a presenter, but the funniest was when Priyanka Chopra was posing for the media on the red carpet. On seeing Priyanka, Nick comes to them and kisses each other. But then Nick’s leg accidentally goes on Priyanka’s dress. As soon as Nick is noticed, he immediately removes his legs and starts fixing Priyanka’s dress with great affection. In this way, the care fans feel very good for Priyanka in this way and they are not tired of praising them.

Fans have brought a flood of comments on this video of Priyanka and Nick. A social media user wrote – Nick’s style separates him from the other stars, while another fan wrote – Nick’s answer is no. Let us know that after the awards show, Priyanka shared a very cute post for Nick on Instagram. The actress wrote, ‘Post written in praise of husband’. ‘Nick Jonas I’m so proud of you baby. You did not stop despite a broken rib. Your way of working inspires me everyday. I love you very much. ‘

After Priyanka’s post, Nick Jonas shared a post praising Priyanka from her social media account. Nick writes, ‘My rib broke in the bike accident last week, but my brilliant wife Priyanka Chopra supported me at every step. And then I was able to host this awards show. I love you Priyanka ‘


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