When the war of words with ASG became acrimonious in the court, Satish Manshinde said – I am not afraid to stare at me


The present address of Aryan Khan, arrested in the drugs case, is now Arthur Road Jail, Barrack No. The fort court on Friday dismissed Aryan’s bail plea saying that the petition is not maintainable in the magistrate court. He will now have to go to the sessions court for bail. But before this conclusion was reached, there was a debate of about four and a half hours in the court. Satish Manshinde was arguing on behalf of Aryan. Which Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh (ASG Anil Singh) was continuously cutting. During the hearing in the court, both the lawyers got into heated arguments several times. Once the matter became such that Satish Manshinde directly told ASG Anil Singh, ‘I am not afraid to stare at me.’

Confused in the beginning, Manshinde said – don’t dictate the court
On reaching the court, ASG Anil Singh opposed the bail plea saying that they are not maintainable in this court. These petitions are not maintainable in this Court. If you want bail then you go to NDPS Special Court. But Satish Manashinde, on his part, applied a barrage of arguments and arguments. Satish Maneshinde asked ASG to look into CrPC.. To this ASG Anil Singh said that he is raising the issue of maintainability and merit. So answer this first. Manshinde alleged that the ASG cannot dictate the court. The ASG also replied saying that it is not only a matter of dictating, it is a matter of proper procedure.

Justice Nerlikar also had to be interrupted in the middle.
Since the beginning of the hearing between the two lawyers, a period of debate and heated argument was going on. Once, even the court had to intervene in the middle. Justice RM Nerlikar interrupted both of them and said, ‘You should file your point on the basis of merits and demerits. I will decide this. Whatever you want to say, file an appeal first.

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heated debate going on
Another heated argument erupted between Manashinde and ASG Anil Singh when Manashinde argued that when nothing has been recovered from Aryan, why is the Union of India so agitated over the matter? To this the ASG said, ‘All the accused were arrested in the same type of offence, so they cannot be divided. This court had earlier also held in one such case that the bail application was not maintainable. However, then Justice RM Nerlikar himself also got a little angry. He told ASG that you want me to end the matter without listening. To this Anil Singh replied, ‘No, I never said that. I can’t stop anyone.’

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ASG Anil Singh stuck to his point
In his argument, Manshinde then read out the statement in the court quoting Aryan Khan. Satish Manshinde said, ‘Aryan Khan is a young boy of 23 years. His background is not related to any criminal case. Whatever inquiries were made of him, he helped. No drugs were recovered from them. Whenever there is a need for interrogation, Aryan will be present. They should be given bail. Once again on this ASG Anil Singh said, ‘I would like to reiterate my point that this court does not have the right to hear on bail.’

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Manshinde’s argument, Anil Singh’s argument
When Satish Manshinde read the entire statement on behalf of Aryan. Then ASG Anil Singh replied that he was not opposing the right to seek bail or the application for bail. He is saying that whether this court has the right to claim bail? Anil Singh mentioned the Armaan Kohli case in the court right here. Said that the bail application of Armaan Kohli was rejected because a large quantity of drugs were recovered from the accused with whom he was arrested, whereas Kohli did not have drugs. Anil Singh said, “I am just saying that the application for bail is not maintainable here as there is a special NCB court where you can approach for bail.”

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Anil Singh said- my worthy friend…
In this sequence, Satish Manshinde referred to the decision of the court of Justice Dangre. ASG Anil Singh again retorted saying that our capable friend citing Article 2-3 from the judgment of Justice Dangre said that he is entitled to interim bail. Whereas if that judgment is read properly then it has also been said in it that for this you will have to go to the concerned court.. If the court cannot give regular bail, then interim bail also cannot be given from there.

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When the matter started increasing, the matter of ‘staring’ came
Satish Manshinde was continuously arguing on the plea in the court. Whereas every time ASG Anil Singh was saying that you should first cross this hurdle whether your petition is maintainable in this court or not, the hearing on bail will happen after that. But this time when Anil Singh said this, his eyes had grown a bit. To this, Manshinde said tacitly, ‘I am not afraid to stare at me.. Nothing personal here.’

Aryan Khan will remain in jail, court did not grant bail


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