A child suffering from stomach pain is forced to stay at home, in such a situation, these Ayurvedic tips will work like a doctor’s medicine


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Honey and ginger

Honey has antibacterial properties which greatly help in reducing abdominal pain. Mix one teaspoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and give it to the child twice a day.

Apart from honey, ginger can also be effective in reducing child’s stomach pain. Ginger reduces the spasms of the stomach muscles which also reduces pain.

Grind the ginger in a glass of lukewarm water and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. After this, give the child a teaspoon of honey mixed with a teaspoon of honey.

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Yogurt contains good bacteria that improve immunity to fight infection. Give the child a little yogurt to eat every one hour.

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Castor oil and betel leaf

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For this, take half a teaspoon of castor oil and heat it lightly. Apply lukewarm oil to the stomach and navel of the child. After applying oil, cover the stomach with betel leaves.

Castor oil stimulates the digestive system and relieves stomach pain. It also removes the constipation. Castor oil releases gas and clears the stomach.

Cumin brew

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Put two teaspoons of cumin seeds in one liter of water. Heat it and filter the water and fill it in the bottle. Drink this water by sipping the child throughout the day. This improves digestion.

Apart from cumin, asafoetida and ginger decoction can also relieve stomach ache in children. Take one fresh ginger, a little asafetida and two pinches of rock salt. Boil it in a glass of water and fill it in the bottle when cooled. After this, keep giving the child this decoction after a while.

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