After delivery, the sleep of mothers is reduced by half, some easy methods can provide relief


Emotional changes are the reason

There are many emotional changes after delivery. This can happen due to postpartum anxiety, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder. All these change the sleeping pattern and lead to insomnia.

Sleep deprivation is common in the first few weeks after delivery. Intermittent breastfeeding can also lead to poor sleep.

Why does insomnia occur after delivery?

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Changes in sleep can occur due to major changes in hormones after pregnancy. Decreased estrogen levels can lead to sleep disorders with depression.

During pregnancy, after delivery, some of the hormones that support the body are released along with the fluids. This leads to excessive sweating at night and disrupts sleep.

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how to get enough sleep

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If you are also having trouble getting enough sleep after delivery, then some tips will come in handy for you.

When the baby sleeps, take a nap too. Instead of doing household chores, you should take rest during this time.

Go to bed at night as early as possible. If you are unable to sleep, take a warm bath or drink herbal tea. It calms the mind and helps in getting good sleep.

Also take the help of husband or family members in the work and care of the child. If you are feeding from a bottle, then the child can hold the bottle and drink milk.

Understand the sleeping pattern of the baby

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In the early days after birth, babies wake up several times in the night, but as they grow up, they start sleeping longer at night. You plan your day by understanding the baby’s sleep cycle and its sleeping time.

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get help from natural therapy

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Stress does not allow you to sleep peacefully along with fatigue. There is no need to take stress about anything. You can relieve your stress by listening to meditation or walk or songs.

Coffee and caffeine can also interfere with sleep. Computers, mobiles and TVs stimulate sleep-disrupting brain activity. The light emitted from it lowers the level of melatonin. This hormone controls the sleep pattern.


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