After getting wires in children’s teeth, such a mistake will make the teeth more crooked


At what age should the wire be installed?

Although there is no age for getting wire in a child’s teeth, but the age of 8 to 14 years is considered better for this. At this time the chances of teeth coming straight are more.

When the child is 7 years old, you will know whether there is a problem with his teeth or not. There is a need to wire the teeth when the teeth come one after the other, the lip of the teeth, crooked teeth and the teeth come forward.

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avoid eating certain things

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After getting the wire done, do not feed the child some foods at all, such as hard things. Avoid eating things that are tight to eat and require more chewing. This includes candy and popcorn etc. These food items easily stick on the teeth and then it is also difficult to clean them.

brush daily

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Brushing teeth is very important for oral hygiene, especially when the teeth are wired. Make sure to brush your teeth after every meal so that food does not get stuck between the teeth and the wires.

show to the dentist

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It is necessary to go to the dentist regularly and get the teeth and wire checked up. The dentist checks whether the wire is in place or not. If the wire is causing pain to the child, then definitely tell the dentist about it.

wax will work

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The dentist will give you a box of wax in the first week after the wire is installed. When the gums are troubled by constant contact and wear, then this wax can be applied on the wire. You can also apply ghee instead of wax. Due to this the strings are soft and there is no cut on the gums.

how long will the wire have to be worn

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The wire is put on the basis of what is to be fixed in the teeth. There are many types of wires which are selected according to the problem of the teeth. Many people have to wear the wire for 18 to 30 months and the wire has to be adjusted every 4 to 8 weeks for the teeth to be in place.

Retainers have to be worn for a few months and even two years after the wire is installed. Some people choose a permanent retainer because the wire does not move from its place.

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