After the fall of the umbilical cord, blood is coming out of the navel, know when it is time to visit the doctor


how normal is umbilical cord bleeding

When the umbilical cord falls off, it is normal for a baby to bleed from the navel. Bleeding from the navel can occur immediately after the cord has fallen or a week later. If accidentally pulled or stuck somewhere, the cord falls off quickly, causing bleeding. You may see light bleeding on the diaper or baby’s T-shirt.

It is normal to have a slight discharge when the cord falls off. The color of this discharge can be green or yellow or it can be like pus.

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Why is bleeding from the navel

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After birth, the umbilical cord begins to separate from the baby’s body. You may see some blood at this time.

When a cloth or diaper gets on the umbilical cord, it can cause problems and bleeding from the belly button.

when should you worry

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If the bleeding from the umbilical cord is not stopping or if there is a little more blood then you should see the doctor. This can be a sign of infection.

Other signs of infection include bleeding, including:

  • The navel is slightly warmer than the surrounding skin.
  • The skin around the navel becomes very red.
  • There are blisters, pimples or rashes on the navel.
  • Belly falls around the button. Sometimes it smells too.
  • The child has a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The baby feels pain when the navel is touched.

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when to see the doctor

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Cases of infection during the healing process of the umbilical cord are very rare, but it is possible. There is nothing wrong with turmeric bleeding after the fall of the navel stubble and you can fix it at home. But if there is pus, swelling or there is a lot of bleeding, then tell the doctor immediately.

how to care for umbilical cord

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You should cover the area with the umbilical cord with a diaper. Putting anything on it can prevent the stubble from drying out. It can also cause injury to the baby.

Applying alcohol on the stump is not right at all. This can delay the cord drying out and falling out. Most of the doctors recommend not to apply any kind of alcoholic medicine on this area.

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