Akshay Kumar’s daughter’s name is very unique, see more cute and modern names of girls


Parents work very hard to name their children. Everyone looks for the cutest name for their baby. At the same time, celebrities remain at the forefront of this work. If you pay attention, all the celebrities give modern and unique names to their children.

Just look at Akshay Kumar, his daughter’s name is Nitara. This name is quite unique and often people like this name.

What is the meaning of the name Nitara

The name Nitara used for girls is a very modern name. The meaning of name Nitara is “one who has deep roots and one who is connected to one’s own roots”.

Like Akshay Kumar, you can also choose a modern name for your daughter. Here we are telling you some modern and unique names for baby girl.

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  • Rectangle : This is a very holy name. A verse in the Quran is called an ayat. If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘A’, then you can name her Ayat.
  • Dhriti: This name of girls is also very much liked. The meaning of name Dhriti is “woman of courage and determination”.
  • Inaya: Actor Kunal Khemu’s daughter’s name is Inaaya. Inaaya name meaning is One who has the quality of sympathy. You may also like the name Inaya.

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  • Ishika: If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘E’, then you can choose the name Ishika for her. The meaning of name Ishika is ‘brush of the creator god’.
  • Heaven : There is no better name in this world than Jannat. Heaven is called Jannat. The one who is related to the divine world from heaven is called Jannat.

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  • Livelihood: This name is also very much liked. The name Jeevika means source of life. If you consider your daughter as your life, then you can name her Jeevika.
  • Myra: If the name of the daughter is derived from the letter ‘M’, then the name Mayra can be chosen. There is a medicinal herb in Ayurveda by the name of Myra. By nature the holy woman is called Myra.

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  • New: This name is also very much liked. The meaning of name Navya is one who brings newness and freshness. Whoever brings something new and fresh in this world is called Navya.
  • Shanaya: The one who shines like the morning sun is called Shanaya. With the arrival of a daughter, the sun has shined in your life as well, so you can name your daughter Shanaya.

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