At the time of delivery, does the child have to bear extreme pain along with the mother?


At the time of delivery, the mother feels very severe pain and the labor pain is so severe that women are in agony. At the same time, the journey till the child comes out of the womb is very long and difficult.

It is said by everyone that the mother has to bear a lot of pain to give birth to the child, but has anyone ever thought that what the child has to go through to come out of the womb.

Does the child take the decision of delivery?

The womb has a very comfortable environment for the baby. The amniotic fluid protects the baby from the outside world and receives adequate nutrition from the placenta.

When the baby is so comfortable in the womb, what is the thing that tells him to come out?

It remains a mystery as to what causes labor pain, but experts say that when the baby’s lungs are fully mature, the process of labor begins.

The baby’s body sends hormonal signals to the mother to start labor and delivery. If a C-section is already planned, then the doctor will start bringing in the labor pain.

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Does the child also have contractions?

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The baby starts to feel the touch even before it is born. During pregnancy, whenever the mother or father touches the stomach, the child responds by kicking.

The uterus is made up of layers of muscles that contract to push the baby out through the birth canal. Amniotic fluid protects the baby from the pressure felt during contractions.

When the mother is given electronic fetal monitoring during labor, changes in the baby’s heart rate have been observed in response to contractions. This shows how your baby feels the contraction.

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Do contractions hurt the baby

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In the beginning of labor, women feel light contractions for a while. This does not cause any pain to the child, but a slight pressure can definitely be felt. During labor, by paying attention to the breathing technique and the process of breathing, the tension in the muscles is reduced. It also stimulates endorphins.

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When does the child have pain

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Faster contractions start to arise as labor progresses. Now the contractions are frequent and for a long time. The child’s head comes down. The baby has to come out through the pelvis and out through the uterus, the contractions put more pressure on the baby’s head.

It is hard to say now what the child feels at this stage but the child’s head contracts enough to overlap the bones of the skull.

The child cannot tell by speaking that he also felt pain in this whole process, so it would be difficult to say that babies also have to suffer like a mother during delivery.


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