Baby cries to stay in lap all day long, your baby should not become clingy


Children love being in the lap, especially the newborn, for whom this world is completely new and different. There is nothing wrong in wanting a child to be in the lap in the early years. This makes the child feel warm and comfortable.

If the baby wants to be in your lap all day, then it is not his fault. Maybe he finds comfort or comfort in his lap. But when do you need to worry about this habit of the child?

Why do children always want to be in their arms?

According to age, health condition and personality, it is decided why the child is insisting on being in the lap. This can be due to the following reasons:

The baby lives in the calm and comfortable environment of the womb for nine months. After birth, she may have problems in the noisy environment of the outside world. If the mother takes the newborn baby in her lap, then the crying baby also becomes calm because he finds comfort in the mother’s lap.

feel comfortable and secure

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In the lap, the baby feels the comfort and security of the womb.

Even when sick or hungry, the child wants to come in the lap and drink milk. When the child feels that his parents are moving away from him, the child wants to be in the lap even in separation anxiety. This feeling is more common in 10 to 18 months old baby.

Benefits of holding a baby

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There are many benefits of holding a baby in your arms, such as:

  • Cuddling and skin-to-skin contact with the parents keep the baby’s body temperature, heart beat and breathing rate under control.
  • Due to this, the crying baby also becomes silent and the emotional stress is reduced. Some babies sleep well in the lap at night.
  • A colic baby also feels some relief in the mother’s lap. This can help in some problems like toothache.
  • This creates a healthy bond between the child and the parent.

Will the child be sticky?

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Experts believe that when a child wants to come in the lap for comfort and safety, it does not make him cling. Some babies cry and have to stay in their arms because they have special needs which can be fulfilled only by the parents. In most cases, the baby will stop demanding to be held when his needs are met.

Being on your lap all the time doesn’t necessarily make him used to it. However, the age of the baby also plays an important role in this matter.

That’s why you don’t understand that by keeping the baby in your lap all the time, he will get used to it and he will start crying as soon as he is removed from the lap. When the child grows up, the child himself will give up this habit.


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