Baby girl names in hindi: These 13 names of mother Lakshmi are the most liked, you can also choose for your daughter


Maa Lakshmi is a symbol of luck and peace. She is considered the goddess of wealth and the giver of prosperity. Maa Lakshmi is known by many names and is worshiped in many forms and names across the country.
Maa Lakshmi blesses her devotees with prosperity and prosperity and perhaps this is the reason why she is definitely worshiped in every household. Many times people think of giving their children the name of Goddess Lakshmi.
It is believed that giving the name of Goddess Lakshmi to the daughter brings luck and happiness in the family. The names of Goddess Lakshmi have a royal touch and they never go out of trend.
You can name your daughter any one of the top names of Maa Lakshmi mentioned here.

  • Alamelu: This name of Goddess Lakshmi is very much liked in South India.
  • Ambuja: The one who was born on a lotus flower is called Ambuja. Maa Lakshmi is seated on a lotus flower.
  • Anisha: Starting with the letter ‘A’, this name means light and radiance.

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  • Deepa: You can also name your daughter as Deepa. The meaning of name Deepa is “Lighting lamp”.
  • Given: This name of Maa Lakshmi will also be very fond of your daughter. The meaning of name Ditya is “answer of prayers”.

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  • Devika: You will also like this name of Maa Lakshmi. The meaning of name Devika is “little goddess”.
  • Dhriti: This name is too good. If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘Dha’, you can name her as Dhriti. Meaning of the name Dhriti is morale, courage and stability.

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  • bud: You can also give this unique name to your daughter. The meaning of name Kalika is darkness, fog, fragrant and earthy.
  • Kuhu: You can also choose it as a pet name. The meaning of name Kuhu is “goddess of new moon day and sweet voice of bird”.

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  • Human: This name is too cute. This name of Maa Lakshmi means kind and a woman.
  • verb: The person from whom positivity comes or who is full of positivity is called Sriya. The name Sriya would also be a very good name for your daughter.

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  • Ananya: You might like this name too. You can choose this name of Maa Lakshmi for your daughter.
  • Ishani: You might like this modern name. The meaning of name Ishani is “wife of god”.

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