Birthmark in hindi: Why is birth mark on the body of some children, is there any symptom of any disease?


Why are there birthmarks?

Most birthmarks are made on their own and are not related to any medical condition. It is not something that a mother gets pregnant in pregnancy if she does something wrong or does not do anything.

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do birthmarks go away on their own

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Most birthmarks do not cause any harm, but some people lose confidence because of it. Someone has a birthmark on their face or arm, due to which they feel embarrassed.

Some parents think that a child’s birthmark can affect his or her way of life. Some birthmarks go away on their own before choosing a treatment procedure for birthmark.

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How many types of birthmarks are there

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Depending on the cause, there are two main types of birthmarks – vascular and pigmented. Both of these types of birthmarks have sub-types.

  • Vascular birthmark: When the blood vessels do not form properly, that part of the skin becomes a vascular birthmark.
  • Macular stain: Vascular birthmarks also include macular stain. It is a light red patch behind the forehead, nose, eyelids or neck. They are formed due to the widening of the capillaries.
  • Hemangiomas: When the mole enlarges, it looks like a hemangioma. They can be on the top surface of the skin or deep inside. They are colored red.
  • Port Win Stan : It has a wine color stain on the skin. Abnormal bleeding occurs in the blood vessels of the inner surface of the skin.

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how to remove birthmark

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Most birthmarks do not cause any problems for the baby and do not require treatment. But if it is causing harm to health, then surgery or laser treatment can remove the birthmark.

Vascular birthmarks can be easily treated with medicines. At the same time, port wine stains can be made lager.

Hemangioma birthmarks shrink on their own as they grow older, but if they are large, medication may help to exclude them. After this, laser surgery is also done to get rid of this birthmark.


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