Black fungus will come for children in the third wave of Corona, parents should prepare in advance


The second wave of Corona has brought with it new problems and challenges. This epidemic killed lakhs of people in its second attack and now people are worried about the third wave of corona. The third wave of Corona has increased the concern about children because experts say that the next attack will be on children.

At the same time, cases of black fungus infection have been reported in patients who have recovered from corona and after the third wave of corona infecting the children, the fear of black fungus has blown away the senses of the parents.

Next we are telling you what is black fungus and what are its symptoms in children.

what is black fungus

Since the risk of second and third wave of corona is more on children, so parents should know about this virus and all kinds of problems caused by it.

Black fungus is a serious fungal infection caused by the accumulation of fungi called mucormycetes. This usually occurs in the air, soil, or organic matter containing insects. It infects the sinuses, brain or lungs. Therefore, this fungus is being seen in corona patients and recovered people.

If a person has a disease before getting corona or is taking any immunosuppressant medicine to fight dangerous pathogens present in the environment, then the risk of fungal infection is high.

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Symptoms of black fungus in children

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When infected with black fungus, it is very important to pay attention to its symptoms or else there may be trouble. Symptoms include swelling of the forehead and headache, swelling on one side of the face, darkening around the nose, blurred vision, chest pain, cough or difficulty in breathing.

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Can children also have black fungus?

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Black fungus infection or mucormycosis is a rare fungal infection that has recently been observed in corona patients. Experts believe that people who already have weak immunity or who have diabetes are more prone to black fungus infection.

Children are less likely to get diabetes than adults, so the chances of getting fungal infection due to corona in children are less. However, recent reports say that cases of mucormycosis or black fungus are rare in children.

The first case of black fungus in children has come in Gujarat, where a 13-year-old child got the infection. This child had recovered from Corona. Along with this an 11-year-old girl in Karnataka and a 12-year-old boy in Chitradurga were caught by black fungus. However, doctors claim that these two children were acute juvenile diabetes.

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So what do parents do?

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It is rare for children to have fungal infections due to corona, but still parents should make their own preparations. Since the third wave of corona is about to come, you should take measures to stay safe. Along with telling the children about this epidemic, also teach them to take necessary precautions.

Keep children in the house and do not allow guests to enter the house. This virus has not left anyone, so do not send children outside to play.

No one comes to the house from outside or keep the child wearing a mask in the midst of more people. Recommend hand washing before touching eyes, nose and mouth.


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