Body after giving birth: Women are afraid of themselves after delivery, how to love themselves first


Many changes take place in the body of women after pregnancy. Among these, hormonal changes are the most prominent and hormonal changes cause changes in body structure, mental health. Due to which women are not able to convey happiness so well after pregnancy with their children. Because they are worried about the changes taking place in their body.

At this time you may be short of time because after pregnancy, there are many tasks ranging from feeding, nursing, cleaning to the baby. Also, you do not even get time to sleep due to not being able to make a rule for children’s sleep during the night and day. Despite all this, you have to bring your body as fit and in shape as before and also learn to love yourself like before.

hair and skin care

Hormonal changes that occur after pregnancy also affect the skin and hair. In such a situation, you should regularly clean your hair. Use a good mild shampoo for this. Also massage the hair with oil. Make it your routine so that your scalp stays hydrated and doesn’t get irritated.

After pregnancy, your skin tends to get irritated and stretched. Especially the stretch is felt more in the abdomen, hips, thighs, breast area. Due to which marks also start being made. For this, you should massage your entire skin with Bio oil.

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take care of diet

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Our diet plays a very important role in our physical and mental health. We need energy to take care of children and to take care of ourselves after pregnancy.

In such a situation, you have to eat food very well. Protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals etc. should be present in abundance in the food. So that your body gets enough energy throughout the day and you can do all your work well.

Stretching and exercise are also necessary

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After you have made a pattern of sleeping and eating, it is also important for you to do some stretching of your muscles. With light stretching and light yoga, exercise, you can get freedom from your body pain, lower back pain.

You should not exercise too much. If you can take out 5 to 7 minutes a day, then do light exercises, stretching in it. So that your body remains active and fit. Along with this, you can also get relief in problems like body pain and joint pain.

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keep stress away

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Stress becomes a part of this journey of becoming a mother but you have to help yourself to overcome this stress. For this you can take the help of pranayama and breathing exercises. Along with this, to keep yourself relaxed, you should also take help of any of your hobby which helps you to get rid of stress.

Gently massage your head and hands and feet. Take the help of your life partner or someone else to do the massage. Massage will relieve you from stress, for this you can also take the help of meditation.

be your own strength

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Many times it has been seen that after pregnancy, the self-steam and confidence of women starts decreasing. Hormonal changes that occur after pregnancy can also be the reason. But you have to keep in mind that you have given birth to a small life which is not an easy task.

That’s why you can’t become weak. You have to explain yourself about yourself, talk to yourself. For this you can take the help of affirmation. You have to help yourself to overcome your negative thoughts. For this, you can also take the help of meditation, which will relieve your stress and bring back your confidence.

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