Bottle and lunch sharing, teach children the rules of corona when they go to school


Children below the age of 18 years have not yet been approved to get the corona vaccine. In this cycle, the danger of corona is looming on children the most. At the same time, different variants of Corona have also come, due to which the danger has increased even more.

According to experts, children are at the same risk of corona as adults. Studies have revealed that the infection and its transmission are the same in adults and children.

Children do not have symptoms

Even if children do not show any symptoms or have a mild infection when infected with corona, they can still spread this infection in the same way as adults. There have been frequent cases of serious infections and deaths in infants and children with other diseases.

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don’t forget corona in school

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Many states of India have made preparations to open schools and children are called to the classrooms. In such a situation, children have to follow the rules to avoid corona every day.

After almost a year and a half, the children are very excited to open the school and meet their friends. However, children have to follow social distancing as much as possible.

Give training to children at home

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You can also teach the rules of corona to the child at home. Practice by following the Corona protocol by making a classroom with siblings or parents. Instruct children not to share lunches, water bottles and other food items. Make it a habit for children to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds every hour.

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it is necessary to wear a mask

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It is necessary for everyone to wear a mask. Wear a mask at all times. You can also apply masks with anti-microbial coating that use organic extracts. When these things come to the control environment and are applied on the mask, they create a shield to prevent the corona virus, so that the virus ends there.

keep your sanitizer

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The use of sanitizer is now being emphasized all over the world. Every child has to carry his own separate sanitizer when going out to play with friends, going out with family, even in school or coaching. Make it a habit for the child to sanitize hands every 20 to 30 minutes after touching anything.

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waiting for the vaccine

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It would be better if all the adults in the family get the vaccine because children can spread the virus even if they do not show any symptoms. Get your kids regular flu shots and vaccines for other illnesses.

Since, even children cannot get the corona vaccine, so get them vaccinated against other diseases so that their immunity is strong and they do not suffer from any other disease that weakens the immunity in the corona environment.


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