Can you really have twins by eating this thing? Know what the research said


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The birth of the first child is like a treasure trove of happiness for any couple. You must have heard about ‘Hum Do Hamare Do’ but nowadays women do not want to get pregnant twice and try that if they have twins, it is better.

Couples adopt a variety of methods to have twins, and one way related to this is also popular that by taking a vitamin, the chances of conceiving twins can be increased.

Yes, next we are telling you about the same vitamin, can any vitamin really help you conceive twins?

folic acid

Folic acid is great for ovulation and fertility. You can also increase your chances of conceiving twins by increasing the amount of folic acid in your diet.

Folic acid stimulates the process of ovulation and can help with multiple egg release. In the first trimester of pregnancy, folic acid is given to every woman to protect the baby from neural tube defects.

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When to take folic acid

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Folic acid increases your fertility and helps with ovulation. If you are planning a pregnancy, then two to three months before the doctor starts giving you folic acid tablets. Due to this, such amount of folic acid is made in the body, which is necessary for conceiving and developing the baby.

What do experts say

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Pubmed.ncbi There is no link between folic acid and tweens, according to an article published in. For years, there has been discussion and debate about the relationship between these two. According to this, taking folic acid before conception and during pregnancy can protect the baby from neural tube disorders. That’s why folic acid is given and nothing else.

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gynecologist’s opinion

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Gynecologist Dr Archana Narula says that there is no natural way to increase the chances of having twins. They believe that if there is a tendency to have twins in the family, then the chances of having twins are high. Apart from this, the birth of twins has been seen in many cases even in fertility treatments such as IVF.

take folic acid or not

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Folic acid may not increase your chances of having twins, but it does increase your fertility and helps with ovulation. In this way you are able to conceive and during pregnancy, this vitamin works to protect the baby from congenital disorders like spina bifida.

Therefore, whenever you plan for pregnancy, start taking folic acid supplementation on the advice of your doctor two to three months in advance.

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