Child free life: Can women be happy even without children?


It feels great to take the decision of your own big and small desires in life. Today women have got freedom in many matters. Like what do they have to wear? where to go In which area to proceed? Where to do job? what kind of job to do? There is almost a freedom to choose. But have you thought that you can adopt a tag like childfree?

Childfree tag is different for men and women

If we talk about men, then they have every right to take decisions in this area of ​​their life as usual. But women do not have this freedom. Society believes that their body has been created to produce a life. So she cannot take such a decision. Society is a distant thing, maybe even your family cannot agree with your decision.

what it means to be child free

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This means that a woman does not want a child for herself. She is happy without being a mother. It is not that the statement like childfree is being adopted by the women of today’s modern era, but it has started from the year 1500 itself. By the year 1900, this thinking had increased a lot among women.

In such a situation, things like birth control, abortion, divorce took birth. Gradually, women have started opposing it openly, not in a suppressed voice. Do they believe that they have to give birth to a child or not? Only they should have the right to take this decision.

Why do women want to be childless?

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Different women have different sides in this decision. Some women are not ready to take such a big change in their personal life. Some women are worried about the changes and expenses that will happen in their life after the birth of a child.

At the same time, some women do not feel an emotional connection with their life partner. Such women do not want to have to live with them for the rest of their lives after the birth of the child. Some women think that their family is completely prosperous. They don’t need anyone else. Some educated women also start thinking that it is not necessary to increase the population and take more pressure on themselves.

Society’s pressure and their thinking

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The society is still unable to respect this thinking of women. Often people call such women selfish or even crazy. They believe that being childless is a great sin. A woman is completely complete only after giving birth to a child. In such a situation, women who do not want to have children are seen in the wrong light. They are called stupid, selfish, irresponsible.

Feel free to honor your wishes

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Society has always prevented women from stepping up. But you have the right to stick to your will. If you are absolutely sure that you can happily lead your life without children, then that is your right. You can handle every relationship of your family well without becoming a mother, but without taking the responsibility of a child, you can become a good wife, good daughter-in-law, good aunt, etc.

But first of all it is important that you inform your life partner about your decision. Rather, it would be right that you tell them about this thing long before time. Because they too have every right to take this decision of their life. So that later any kind of conflict can be avoided.


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