Child is crying due to gas or stomach pain, how to identify parents suffering child


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It is very difficult to take care of a newborn baby because the little baby cannot speak and tell his needs and needs. At the same time, this work is even more difficult for people who become parents for the first time, because they do not have experience at all.

After the baby is born, it wakes up overnight and cries every once in a while, leaving the parents shocked and in trouble. Normally, parents understand that the child is hungry and that is why he is crying. But hunger cannot be the reason for the baby crying every time. Stomach ache is also one of the main reasons for baby crying.

Since the child is unable to speak, he only cries out to tell the pain of stomach pain or gas. It is the responsibility of the parents to try to understand when the child is crying for what reason. After knowing the problem, you should try to give comfort to the child in your own way.

Here, we will tell you how you can understand this and how to reduce this problem when there is gas in your baby’s stomach.

How to identify gas is being produced in the stomach

If the child is crying while passing gas or soon after, his crying is somewhat different from hunger or fatigue, the baby is raising his legs, swelling on his stomach or passing gas frequently or belching If there is a gas in the child’s stomach, he may have a stomach ache.

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What to do now

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If you are seeing the symptoms mentioned above in the child, then you can easily understand that the child has gas or stomach pain. Gas is not a medical problem and in most cases it resolves after some time. You do not need to show your doctor for this. However, when you go for a routine checkup, be sure to tell the child about all these symptoms.

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What can you do yourself

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Once your baby becomes gas, you can comfort him at home with some simple methods, such as:

  • Lay your baby on your back and raise your legs while bending your knees. Now, as the feet move in cycling, move the child’s feet. This removes the gas trapped in the stomach.
  • Keep your baby’s head raised high. Keep the head in this position to belch.
  • Massage your baby’s abdomen with light hands or fingers. Getting the child to belch also gives relief from gas. There are many household items that can help your baby get relief from stomach aches and gas. You just have to understand it and treat it right.


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