Children may get corona and RSV infection together, parents should know how to avoid


The corona virus did not spare anyone. From children to old people, this virus has caught in its grip. New variants of this virus are coming out, including the delta variant and the cases of corona are also increasing globally. The vaccine has reduced the risk of severe symptoms from corona, but people who have not been vaccinated are still at risk.

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Talking about children, they have not yet received approval for the corona vaccine. Reports have revealed that children are at risk of corona and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Both of these are infections related to the respiratory tract, so it will have a bad effect on the physical health of the children and parents are under mental stress about this.

What is RSV infection

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RSV is a respiratory disease that causes infection of the lungs and respiratory tract. Experts believe that every child becomes infected with this virus by the age of 2 years and it can affect adults as well.

RSV has mild symptoms and symptoms are similar to those of a cold. Serious effects can be seen in children and infants. If the child gets both corona and RSV together, then it can prove to be fatal.

Can there be two infections at the same time?

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Experts believe that there can be two infections at the same time. Not much research has been done to prove this, but some studies have indicated that two infections occur together.

According to a study published in January 2021, 11 out of 78 patients in China had two infections. Four of these people turned out to be corona with RSV.

Doctors and medical experts have advised people to be careful with weak immunity or not getting the corona vaccine.

Parents should be more careful regarding the safety of their children.

Symptoms of RSV in Children

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some of the symptoms of RSV infection are as follows:

  • running nose
  • loss of appetite
  • Cough
  • Sneeze
  • Fever
  • wheezing

RSV and corona damage the lungs and attack the respiratory tract. Both of these can have similar symptoms. Similar to RSV in corona, symptoms like fever, cough and nausea can be seen.

difference between rsv and corona

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When falling ill, it is known only on the basis of the symptoms whether the disease has occurred, but what to do when the symptoms of two diseases are the same?

Since both RSV and corona are respiratory diseases and their initial symptoms are similar, how to differentiate between them?

In corona, the patient will have digestive problems, may have rashes on his skin and loss of ability to smell and taste. These symptoms are not seen in RSV.

However, the most accurate way to detect an infection is through a test.

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