Children’s eye health is deteriorating due to increasing screen time, these easy tricks can become safety shield


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More than a year has passed since the children stayed at home away from school. Life has been in turmoil due to Covid 19. People are leaving office and working from home and children are studying online instead of going to school.

Due to online studies, the screen time of children has increased significantly, which can increase the problems of parents.

Even before the arrival of Corona, parents used to complain that their child is sometimes on TV or sometimes on mobile, which is affecting their eyes.

If you are also concerned about the damage done to your child’s eyes due to online classes, here we are telling you some tips which can prevent the child’s eyesight from getting reduced.

Focus on the post

When using a child’s phone, note that the phone is not too close to it. This can cause more pressure on the muscles of the eyes and can cause fatigue in the eyes.

When using a laptop or computer, the screen should be in front of the eyes. To elevate it, you can put books below. Make sure that the child does not have to look at the screen by tilting his head or raising it.

Keep a distance

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It is important to keep the gadgets away from the screen to reduce the pressure and fatigue on the eyes. When the child watches TV, make it slightly away from the screen and keep the laptop and phone 18 to 24 inches away from the eyes. The brightness of the device should be according to the eyes. Lest the brightness of the screen prick into the eyes.

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Wink eyelids

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Take breaks every 20 seconds and 20 minutes. When your child is studying online, ask him to blink the eyelids during the class. Take a break from a digital device every 20 minutes and 20 seconds and look 20 feet away.

This leads to exercise of the eyes. At least 10 times every 30 minutes, ask the child to open his eyes slowly. It does not cause itching and dryness in the eyes. Tell the child to blink repeatedly while using the gadget.

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Help with diet too

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There are many foods that help in increasing the light of the eyes. These include green vegetables such as spinach etc. Eating Amla also brightens children’s eyesight.

Feed almonds daily to the child and insert healthy eating habits into it. Explain to the child that more use of gadgets is not only harmful for their eyes but also for health, so use them as much as possible and take necessary precautions.


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