Children’s future improves when they get this punishment, do not repeat the mistake again


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If you are a parent, then you will totally agree that taking care of kids is like a nugget. Throughout the day there is a lot of their wickedness and questions. Sometimes he broke something, even then it stifled someone’s nose. Sometimes the neighbors even come to complain that your child is being harassed by the demons.

In such a situation, parents adopt the path of punishment to improve the children because they are not left with any other option. But many times parents give such punishment, which has a bad effect on the emotional or mental development of the child. That’s why you should give positive punishment to the child. So that he also understands that he has made a mistake and does not have any bad effect on his mind.

time in

Most of the parents give punishment of time out on their child’s bad behavior in which children have to sit quietly in a corner. However, sometimes this method does not work with children because they are very active.

In such a situation, parents can try time in. In this, give the child something to do while sitting in a corner. Give him one of your poems to memorize, draw or solve a math problem.


navbharat times

You must also be thinking that what kind of punishment is this. This is punishment when your child does not like to exercise. If the child commits a mistake, give him a punishment of 10 sit-ups as a punishment.

With this, children will also learn to exercise and they will also get punishment for their mistake. However, do not give any excessively tiring exercise.

household chores

navbharat times

There are many tasks in the house which you can give to the children as punishment. Give points to the child for this. For example, if he makes a mistake, he has to earn 100 points to complete the punishment. Now you will get 20 points for watering the plants and 30 points for keeping the pots in their place. In this way the child has to collect 100 points.

teach yourself to calm down

navbharat times

Not only children but adults should also know how to control their anger. When the child makes a mistake, ask him to go outside for a walk. If there is a stomach in the house, ask to take him out for a walk. This will help the children to calm down and they will also be able to think that they have done something wrong. When he comes back, explain to him that he should not make such a mistake again.

Apart from this, if your child does not like to sleep and likes to play, then you can also give him the punishment of sleeping early at night. If you make a mistake, reduce the time of the child’s play and go to sleep early at night.


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