Colic pain in infants: Even after giving medicine, the stomach is crying due to pain, so what has come about taking it to the hospital? how to recognize


It is common for a baby to have abdominal pain and because of this, he keeps crying for a long time. This condition of the child is called colic pain. Let us know about the ways in which you can calm your child. Even after this, if the child does not calm down, then you should consult your paediatrician.

Doctor can ask this question

If you consult the doctor, he may ask you whether the growth of your child is normal? Are your children the same as other children? Are the kids alert all day?

If your answer is ‘no’ to all the questions, then the doctor may ask you what kind of movements do babies do when they don’t cry? Actually]the doctor wants to understand the small things related to your child and reach his right problem.

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Hint – the kids are really upset

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If babies groan frequently or make a groaning sound without even crying, they vomit while crying, their potty is changing color or blood appears in it, babies are flexing their arms and legs too much, their Cramps have started in the hands and feet, their body temperature remains more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are seeing all these problems in children, then the crying of babies can be really a problem, you should consult a doctor immediately.

There may be a problem in the stomach

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Food allergies, gas, sensitivity, upset stomach, pain and similar problems can be the reason for crying in babies. There is a lot of pain even if there is little gas in the stomach of children. That’s why babies start crying very loudly. Babies do not calm down with anything while crying due to gas formation.

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some unusual symptoms

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If the child is crying for no reason, then you should notice that some unusual symptoms are not visible in the children? As children’s head has swollen, children have started sleeping more than before or their sleep lasts much longer than normal children.

Since birth, his weight has started decreasing gradually. They do not show growth like normal children. His weight is decreasing continuously. So you should understand that their crying is not normal.

how to calm kids down

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There are a few things you need to keep in mind to calm the kids down. It is a misconception that babies can sleep even in noise. Children like a quiet environment while sleeping, so do not allow noise in the room. If the baby is crying a lot, swing it.

If you feel that the children have pain in the stomach, then put them to sleep on their side and pat on the back so that the gas comes out. Some children are afraid while sleeping, they do not like the outer covering as soon as they come out of the mother’s womb. In such a situation, wrap them on a light cloth and make them sleep so that they can sleep comfortably.


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