Corona vaccine: They can get vaccinated after doing one thing, pregnant and breast feeding mothers, there will be no danger again


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When to get vaccinated

The National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization recently stated that women who breastfeed anytime after delivery may get vaccinated. At the same time, the panel of this group has said that pregnant women should know that they can get corona vaccine anytime during anti-natal checkup. But it is not yet approved by the government.

Can pregnant women get vaccinated?

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At present, there is no data or research based on which the vaccine affects pregnant women. Perhaps this is the reason why vaccination of pregnant women has not started in India till now.

Dr. NK Arora, chairman of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization, states that the corona is not always alive in the body and dies after a period of time, so vaccine in pregnant women is less likely to cause any harm to the fetus.

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What is WHO say

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At the same time, the World Health Organization has also said that women who want to breastfeed should get vaccinated. The World Health Organization has also put breast-feeding mothers in the vaccine category.

At present, the panel has not taken any final decision to apply vaccine to pregnant and lactating women. The doctor says that they should wait for some more time.

The doctor said that when the breast feeding mother gets vaccinated, antibodies from her body reach the baby. However, he also stated that in this case they are not confirmed whether the antibodies will be delivered from the mother to the child.

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Child will get immunity

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Now it is being said that pregnant women and breast feeding mothers are vaccinated, that there is no risk to the mothers of the mother to be vaccinated. Antibodies will reach the baby by getting the mother vaccinated, and like other vaccines in pregnancy, the child can get immunity from this vaccine.

On the other hand, NITI Aayog member says that breast feeding mothers will not have any problem after getting vaccinated and they should not delay at all to get vaccinated now.

So now you understand that you can get the Corona vaccine anytime after delivery.

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