Dalchini Benefits: With this Ayurvedic recipe, treat children’s stomach ache for free


There is a solution to every health problem in Ayurveda and this method of treatment can be used even for children. There are many herbs in Ayurveda, which can be used to eliminate diseases from the root.

One of these herbs is cinnamon. You must have heard by now that cinnamon increases fertility or is beneficial in the treatment of some diseases, but let us tell you that many health problems of children can also be treated with this herb.

how is cinnamon

Cinnamon is warm, sweet and has a strong scent. It contains an element called coumarin. Cinnamon has been used as a medicine in Ayurveda. It is also rich in elements that act like antioxidants.

Cinnamon contains polyphenols and its oil is antibacterial and antifungal. It is widely used in the treatment of cold and flu. Here we are telling you that you can use cinnamon in the treatment of which health problems for children.

treatment of indigestion

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Cinnamon increases the secretion of digestive juices in the stomach, which does not cause indigestion. Cinnamon also improves blood circulation, which allows the abdominal muscles to function properly.

How to use: Feed a pinch of cinnamon powder with a teaspoon of honey to the child every day before meals.

fungal infection

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Applying cinnamon oil on fungal infections is very beneficial. Take coconut oil and cinnamon oil in equal quantity and apply it on the fungal infection. By applying this oil once a day, the infection starts reducing.

clears phlegm

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Sometimes phlegm accumulates in the throat or nose of children. Because of this, a cough or wheezing sound starts coming from the throat. Cinnamon is a garam masala that removes phlegm and cures cough and cold.

Give your child a glass of lukewarm milk every day by adding a pinch of cinnamon powder.

Control blood sugar level

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Children enjoy eating fast food which can put their blood sugar level at risk. Cinnamon controls the blood sugar level in children and prevents the side effects of sweet or sugary things.

Give the child a pinch of cinnamon powder in a glass of lukewarm water every night before sleeping.

Research also appreciates

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Ncbi According to a research article published in Cinnamon, cinnamon has antimicrobial, antifungal, antioxidant and antidiabetic properties.

It can also be used to treat toothache, dental problems and bad breath in children. For this, children should be smeared with cinnamon powder.

Now you do not understand how beneficial cinnamon is for your child’s health.


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