Divyanka name meaning: Very cute name of ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ actress Divyanka Tripathi, see more cute names of baby girl


TV actress Divyanka Tripathi is very popular. His fans are not only in India but also abroad. If we talk about television, then perhaps very few TV actresses have got the same popularity as Divyanka. Divyanka has worked in many TV serials in which ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ was the most successful.

Where look, Divyanka’s beauty and acting are praised, while the name of this actress is also very beautiful. Often parents like to name their children after celebrities and if you like Divyanka, then you can also give the name of this actress to your child. But before that you must know the meaning of the name of Divyanka. Yes, just like this beautiful actress, her name also means very cute.

In this article, we will tell you about the meaning of the name Divyanka, as well as many other cute baby girl names starting with the letter ‘The’. Whichever name you like, you can choose it for your daughter. So let’s know what the name Divyanka means and what can be more such beautiful names for girls.

Meaning of the name Divyanka Tripathi

The name Divyanka starts with the letter ‘D’. Divyanka name meanings is Divine, Sacred, Beautiful and Excellent. The gift of God is also called Divyanka. A person who has divine qualities is also called Divyanka.

How are girls named Divyanka

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The name Divyanka is directly related to success. These people easily overcome the difficulties in their life. They also get very cute things very easily and they are very responsible towards their work.

It was about the name Divyanka, now let’s know what can be more such cute names for baby girl.

baby girl names

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  • Divija: One who is born from heaven or who is related to heaven is called Divija.
  • Devina: Divija name meanings starting with the letter ‘D’ is Blessing, God’s eye. It is considered like a god.

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  • Direction : In the 90s, the name Disha was very much liked. The name Disha means Somewhere or Towards.
  • Given: This name of baby girl is also very unique. You can choose a name for your daughter. The meaning of name Ditya is “answer of prayers”.

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  • Proficiency: This name is also very unique. The meaning of name Dakshita is skill or skilled person.
  • Devanshi: Really the name Devanshi is very sweet. The meaning of name Devanshi is divine and part of God.


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