Do not feed the child these 5 things in cold, diseases will remain far away


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Young children have weak immunity, especially during the winter, they are more prone to get sick. In such a situation, if we want to keep children away from diseases, then by removing certain food products from the child’s diet, we can keep children safe.
There are some foods that aggravate the cold in children, due to which the level of mucus also increases. Because of this, children may have to face a lot of problems. Let us know which are these foods which should be tried to keep away from children in winter so that they remain healthy and there is no hindrance in their growth.

sugary sweets

By the way, children like sweet things very much. But some highly sweetened foods can cause different types of diseases in children.

One should try to stay away from them especially during winters. These can increase the risk of diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and cough. Ice cream, cold drinks, chocolate milk and candy. These are some of the sweet snacks that kids like a lot. But we should try that we can keep children away from them. Because it reduces the immunity of children.

dairy products

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Dairy products can increase mucus levels in babies, which can cause coughing problems in babies. Due to the increase in mucus, the throat of children starts getting worse, they feel pain in the throat. Keeping this in mind, we should try to keep children away from dairy products especially during winters. Dairy products like milk, curd, yogurt, butter, etc.

histamine food

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Histamine is a type of body chemical that can cause inflammatory and allergic reactions. There are some food products which increase the amount of histamine in the body.

This can increase the pain in children. Histamine chemical is found naturally in some food products. If children consume such food products more during winters then they may be prone to inflammatory reaction and allergic reaction.

Due to this, they may have problems like cold, cough, etc. Histamine chemical is found in smoke-cooked selfish, fermented dairy products and eggplant. If possible, keep children away from them during winter so that they remain healthy.

fried food

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Fat and cholesterol are found in high amounts in any type of fried food. Calories are also present in abundance in them. Which lowers the immunity of the body.

Especially their effect has been seen more in children. Inflammation can be caused by the consumption of fried food in large quantities. Which can later turn into diseases like cholesterol and diabetes. French fry, chicken fry, fried fish, fried cheese, potato chips, such as snacks are deep fried.

They are high in fat and cholesterol. Kids should try to keep away from this type of fried food during winters.


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Meat is a product in which protein is found in abundance. It is helpful in the growth of children, but consumption of meat in excess amounts, especially during winter, starts increasing the mucus level, which can cause throat infection. Children should be kept away from processed meats and eggs during winters. If you want to give them non-vegetarian food, then try giving them fish and organic meat. It does not harm the health of the children.

things that weaken immunity

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Taking food with more sugar, more oil and heavy fat weakens our immunity. Cough, mucus problems may increase in children.

It can be dangerous for children during winters. This makes children more likely to suffer. Therefore, especially during winters, try to keep children away from such products so that their immunity is boosted and they do not get sick soon.


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