Do not let your heart break due to miscarriage, take care in this way and then get ready


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Comfort is important

To recover physically you must first rest. You may feel tired after the traumatic experience of miscarriage. So relax as much as you can. Rest is most important for the next 24 hours after a miscarriage.

There will be mild spotting due to a miscarriage and there may be blood clots from the vagina. This will weaken your stamina for a few days so you need enough rest at this time.

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Check fever

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After the abortion, keep checking your body temperature for the next five days. If your body temperature is more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, talk to your doctor immediately.

At this time you also have to take care of your vaginal hygiene. Light or heavy bleeding may occur in the first 24 hours after miscarriage, for which you will need to install a sanitary pad. Change the pad every 6 hours. Take a bath once a day and clean the vagina properly.

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healthy diet

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Not only after miscarriage, but to keep your fertility system and body healthy, you have to eat a nutritious diet. Keep essential vitamins and minerals in it so that your body gets strength and energy.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep the body hydrated. However, you can also ask your doctor what to eat and what to avoid after miscarriage.

Give your body time to heal before having sex after a miscarriage. Doctors recommend not having sex until the bleeding stops.

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Tips to recover emotionally

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Women feel very weak emotionally after a miscarriage. In such a situation, do not suppress your heart, but share your feelings with your husband. You both have to be each other’s support during this difficult time.

Meditation will bring peace to your mind and will also relieve stress, depression and anxiety. Yoga and meditation will strengthen mental health after miscarriage.

Don’t blame yourself for the miscarriage. It is normal to feel sad and sad at this time.


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