Do not want your child to touch the wrong place even by mistake, so do this work


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about good touch

You can tell your child about good touch in this way:

  • When someone touches you and you feel loved or feel good or someone touches you and makes you feel safe, it is called good touch.
  • Not only by telling the children, but by doing it yourself, such as by applying and kissing.
  • Explain to the child that when a friend of yours holds your hand, he feels good.
  • Tell her that her body belongs only to her and no one else has the right to it so no one can touch her in a way she doesn’t like.

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about bad touch

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Bad touch can be very dangerous for children. It can not only give them physical discomfort but can also make them mentally weak, so definitely tell your child about bad touch. Explain to him the different methods of physical contact.

how to explain bad touch

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Someone touches you on top of clothes, but if you feel bad touching him, then that is bad touch.

Tell the child that touching private parts is absolutely wrong and if someone does this to them, they should immediately report it to their parents.

You also have to explain to the child how to ask for help in such a situation.

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make relationship strong

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To protect your child from sexual abuse at home or outside, the first thing you need to do is to strengthen your bond with them. Your child should be comfortable talking to you and should not be afraid or hesitant to tell you about any such action.

When the bond between the parents and the child is strong, it will go a long way in preventing the cases of sexual abuse from getting worse. You must do this for the health and future of your child.

trust yourself

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Work on making the child strong, not weak. Tell him that there is nothing wrong with asking someone to go away from him or not to touch him for some reason. He has every right to do this. This will bring confidence in the child.

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