Eating bread-jam can become poison for children, research also supports


Children are very hesitant in eating, but there are some things which they eat with great fervor and one of them is jam. Be it lunch, dinner or breakfast, children do not refuse to eat jam at any time and this is the reason why jam is often kept in homes.

Children who show tantrums in eating vegetables or healthy food, they quickly eat bread jam, but as a parent, you should be aware that bread jam is healthy or it is spoiling the health of the child.

nutrition is low

Jam is made by boiling the fruits and the sugar is very high in it. Boiling reduces the water content in the fruit and also destroys some of the nutrients. Boiling fruits to make jam completely destroys essential nutrients like vitamin C.

obesity increases

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Children who eat more or more jam every day are more prone to obesity and heart disease as they grow up. Jam is high in calories and does not provide anything in the name of nutrients, due to which eating jam can cause obesity.

children show tantrums

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Children know that jam is kept in the house and they can eat it by applying it on bread or roti. In such a situation, children show tantrums in eating healthy food because they have to eat jam.

Along with this, children also get into the habit of eating sweets, which is not right at all. Preserved foods like jam are high in sugar, which gives the wrong signal to the brain that you are full. Due to this, your child can become a fussy eater.

what does research say

navbharat times A study published in the study studied jams made from strawberries, apricots, figs, cherries and oranges.

Fruits are good sources of bioactive phenolic compounds. In this study, the effect of the method of making these fruits was investigated. Jams made from these fruits were kept at a temperature of 25 °C for 5 months and their phenolics, antioxidant activity and anthocyanin levels were tested.

what’s the result

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According to the results of the study, strawberries had the highest number of phenolic residues compared to figs, cherries, oranges and apricots. The process of making jam is such that it reduces the total phenolics, antioxidants and anthocyanins of all the fruits.

Phenolics act as antioxidants, protecting the body from free radicals. At the same time, anthocyanins reduce blood pressure, improve eyesight, reduce the growth of cancer cells, prevent tumor formation, prevent diabetes.

what to do

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It has become clear that the process of making jam is such that children do not get any nutrition from it. In such a situation, if you are feeding jam to children in the pursuit of getting nutrition from fruits, then do not do this.


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