Eczema in babies and toddlers: Baby pimples are not happening in summer, look carefully if there is eczema, if not paid attention can be incurable


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Causes of eczema in children

If a person in the family has eczema, then there is an increased risk in the child as well. Children often develop eczema in other allergic conditions such as asthma or hay fever. Eczema problem may increase in the following situations:

  • Using soap or wearing wool and polyester clothes
  • After viral or bacterial infection
  • Dust coming into contact with soil
  • If the child is allergic to certain foods after eating them
  • When the child feels too hot or takes a stress
  • Diet in some children can cause eczema to worsen. Eczema is not an infectious disease.

Symptoms of eczema in children

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Eczema causes itchy and scaly rashes of red color on the skin. These patches usually occur on the cheeks, below the elbows and behind the knees. These occur on the child’s neck, body, hands and feet.

If the child continues to itch on the patches, it may crack and bleed.

Children under the age of one year have eczema rash on their cheeks, forehead or scalp. It can also occur on knees, elbows.

Children over the age of one year have rashes on the elbow’s back, behind the knees, above the neck, or on the wrists and ankles.

What is the treatment of eczema

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There is no cure for eczema but treatment can help reduce its symptoms. Treats the child based on the child’s age, symptoms, and the location of the rash. When someone gives food medicine, someone asks to apply cream.

Apart from this, eczema is also treated with phototherapy, VAT raps, bleach baths. Phototherapy involves treatment with ultraviolet light and wet wrap is applied to the affected area in the VAT wrap. At the same time, in the bleach bath, the child is bathed with bleach water.

Dress such children in soft, cotton and loose clothes. Do not wear children in woolen or polyester clothes. Keep the child’s nails cut off and do not let them get out of the house in too much heat. Give the baby plenty of water so that the skin remains moist.


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