Enema reduces the time of labor pain, yet why doctors do not advise it


Enema is given to women during labor, but many women do not even know what is the reason for giving enema and whether it is of any benefit or not.

If you are also pregnant, then know here why women are given enema during labor and whether it has any effect on the baby.

what is enema

Enema is a procedure given to stimulate bowel movements. In this, gas or liquid is inserted through the anus. An enema can be given to pregnant women to relieve constipation. Enema is also given to clean the stomach immediately before delivery, this allows the baby to get more space in the stomach, but now enemas are used less.

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is enema safe in pregnancy

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It is not safe to take enemas during pregnancy, especially in the first and third trimesters. Taking an enema in the first trimester can cause miscarriage. Contractions that arise in the third trimester can lead to premature labor pain. The doctor can give an enema after examining the woman.

Why enema is not given before labor

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Routine enema is given during labor in some hospitals. Enema is given to the woman in labor even when it is not needed. This can make some women feel uncomfortable, so it is not recommended for all women to go for an enema.

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delivery cost

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It is said that giving enema before labor also increases the cost of delivery. At the same time, no effect of enema has been seen and it does not reduce labor time, so the World Health Organization believes that enema should not be given to reduce labor time.

Still why give enema

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It is said that giving an enema before the start of labor reduces the time of labor as it empties the stomach and there is enough space for the baby, but there is no scientific evidence to prove this fact.

If there is no stool for 24 hours before the start of labor, then in this situation also an enema is given to clean the stomach. If the stomach is not clean, then it can cause problems for the woman during delivery. On the other hand, if there is a cesarean delivery, then the enema is also given so that there is no need to strain during the bowel movement.

Enemas are now rarely used. If the doctor gives you an enema before labor, then definitely confirm once whether you really need it or even without it your delivery can be done comfortably.

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