Every day these 5 children work, their height increases quickly.


The height of children is affected by many things such as environment, diet and exercise. How much the child’s height has to grow, it most depends on his genes. The height of the child depends on the height of the parents, 60 to 80 percent.

You cannot do anything about the genes, but by giving the right nutrition and diet to the child from an early age, you can definitely increase the height of the child by a few inches.

From when does height increase

After the age of one year, every year the height of the child increases by two inches. Puberty means that at the age of 12 to 14 years, the height increases by 4 inches every year. After this phase the growth stops. If you want to increase the height of your child, then completely remove some habits from his life.

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It is necessary to feed nutritious food

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It is very important to have a balanced and nutritious diet for both adults or children. Give two snacks and three meals containing all the nutrients for the child’s brain and physical development.

If your child is reluctant to eat, then feed him different types of things to give him the right nutrition. Feed him fresh fruits, whole grains, dairy products and things rich in protein. Do not feed sugar and processed food to the child.

keep away from supplements

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In order to provide adequate nutrition to the children, some parents also start giving them supplements, when in reality they are not needed. Supplements should be given to children only when they lack any nutrients or their growth is not happening properly.

Try to provide nutrients to the baby by first eating. If this does not fulfill the required nutrition, then supplements can be given on the advice of the doctor.

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It is a good thing to show children the habit of exercising daily from an early age. Being physically active provides many benefits, including increasing height.

Stretching, yoga and meditation also help children to stay physically and mentally fit. Exercise stretches the spine, which also improves the child’s posture.

habit of hanging

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You must have also heard in your childhood that hanging increases height. This is absolutely right. Hanging stretches the spine, which increases the height. By doing this exercise daily, the height of the child can increase with time. This also strengthens the muscles.

sleep well

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People often do not give much importance to sleep and they do not even know that most of their health problems are due to not getting enough sleep. Everyone needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Children are more active, so they need more sleep than adults. Put the baby to sleep on time and try that he gets a sound sleep at night. If the child is having trouble falling asleep, see a doctor.

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