Every time a child has to say yes, there is a lot of loss, parents should learn right


As parents, we do not have to speak to the child when he feels the need, so that he remains in discipline. Like when they don’t want to go to school or want to sit in front of the TV for a long time, then saying “no” has to stop them from doing so. But, many times not speaking to the child again and again forces us to think that are we not bothering the child too much?
Psychologist believes that not speaking much to the child affects their development and later they are unable to feel confident in taking any kind of decision. For this reason, nowadays the concept of reducing children to not speaking or not speaking has come to the fore. This means that the parents say “yes” to the child, unless there is a compelling reason not to. This is what is called “yes parenting”.

What is Yes Parenting?

Yes parenting means not stopping the child for anything, whether they insist on eating chocolate for breakfast or painting the wall with crayons. But saying yes every time does not mean that children start doing their own thing.

Just limit the saying “no” and do not use this word unless it is necessary. The right demand of the child is to use the word “yes” as much as possible so that the child always thinks positive.

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Benefits of saying yes to a child

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Experts believe that there are many benefits of Yes Parenting. Yes parenting will help the child to become more successful in future, as well as strengthen the parent-child relationship. Yes parenting motivates children to live their life to the fullest, and helps in reducing any kind of fear in their mind.

Disadvantages of always saying yes to the child

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Yes parenting is definitely good for children’s better future and their confidence, but saying yes every time can also cause trouble for them sometimes.

Like sometimes parents have to use no when the child starts acting out of discipline. By always saying yes, children also start doing some such things without asking which is not right for them.

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Effects of Yes Parenting on the Child

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Yes parenting has both good and bad effects. Therefore, parents should use “yes” or “no” with great care and understanding the behavior of the child.

Of course, it is not right to say no to the child every time, but saying yes every time can also be harmful for the child. They can be undisciplined and tendencies to be selfish can also be seen in them.

most important thing

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When it comes to parents, how to guide or raise their child, the same rule does not fit every child. All children are different and need to be raised differently. On the child, you need to try and see what is right for them and what is not.

No one can understand a child better than parents. Therefore, it is in the hands of the parents to decide the limit of yes parenting, or the limit of not speaking, so that the child can get good upbringing and proper discipline.

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