From this age the baby does not need to burp, you should also stop


Burping or burping is a common process during feeding. Which is very important. Due to this, the stomach of the children remains light and the gas comes out. This also gives them relief. It also cleans the stomach of babies well, helps them to digest milk and makes them feel lighter.
But this procedure is necessary only for young children. After an age those burping or burping are not necessary. Let us know what is the age after which it should be stopped? Also, how will you know that your babies no longer need to burp?

When should you stop burping?

Most babies do not need to burp after 4 months to 6 months. The digestive system of children becomes capable of digesting milk on its own, gas formation also decreases. But this process can be different in different children.

For this it is very important to understand their system. But the need for each child may be different. Let us know how to understand it?

baby be able to sit

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Some children learn to sit very quickly. By the time they are 6 months old, they start sitting a little bit. The digestive system of such babies also matures very quickly and they do not need to burp.

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he started burping himself

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Some babies start burping very soon on their own at just 2 months of age. For this you do not need to lean on your back or sit. In such a situation, you should understand that burping has to be stopped. Because their digestive system has automatically adapted to it.

baby feeling comfortable

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Many times the babies feel irritable after feeding, it is necessary to burp such babies. But some babies remain comfortable even after feeding too soon. If your babies also show similar symptoms, then you should understand that they will not need to burp.

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bottle milk

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Babies who live on breast milk do not need much burping. But the children who drink milk from the bottle, along with the milk, air also enters in it. In such children, gas is formed very much and they need a lot of burping.

If the baby feels upset due to gas even after burping, then you can make them do exercises with light hands like a cycle motion by lying on their stomach.

Experts also believe that even a light massage of the stomach of children gives them relief in this state. Along with this, you can also use some home medicines, such as gripe water, colic drops. But before that do consult a doctor.


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If the baby drinks milk from the bottle, then you should test the formula milk of the baby, your baby may be sensitive to that formula milk.

In this case, you should change it with the advice of a doctor. Due to the large hole in the nipple of the bottle, more gas goes inside. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to change the nipple of the bottle and along with it use only a good brand bottle.

doctor’s advice

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Many babies remain upset even after burping, it is not necessarily gas, but it can also be a serious stomach problem. Be sure to consult a doctor for this. It has also been observed that many babies do not burp at all. So there is no need to worry too much about this. You just have to make sure that your baby is healthy, he is not worried.

According to all these symptoms, you will understand very soon whether your baby needs to be burped or not. But still some children find it difficult to understand. In such a situation, it becomes very important for you to seek medical advice. If the child remains more upset after drinking milk, then it is necessary to consult a doctor in such a situation.


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