Germs are the companions of children’s health, know how to increase immunity


By the way, germs are such microscopic organisms, which are found in everything. Some of these are beneficial for us, some are harmful. But when it comes to children’s health, there is no danger to children from germs.
According to a recent research, germs are actually good for children. Due to excessive cleanliness and hand sanitizer, now children fall ill less. Here we are telling you the reasons, from which you will be able to understand, why germs prove to be good for children.

Germs strengthen the immune system

Exposure to germs strengthens a child’s immune system. These days it has become common to have things like sanitizers, germ-fighting soaps in homes. So the risk of bacteria is reduced than before.

According to US News & World Report, when the body is exposed to germs, the immune system can control its function. This means that the more microbes are found, the stronger the immune system is to the daily exposure to microbes, with the gut bacteria provided at birth.

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Less prone to allergies

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Exposure to germs helps children develop fewer allergies. According to a 2011 study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, children who use antibacterial soap contain an ingredient called triclosan, which is easily absorbed into human skin.

It has been found to have harmful effects on the central nervous system. Therefore, if children wash their hands after playing outside, a soap that is not labeled as antibacterial should be used. It tries to eliminate the germs it comes in contact with.

reduce the risk of asthma

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Children exposed to germs are less likely to develop asthma. This is because of the microbiome. Children who have a higher microbiome for exposure to bacteria from birth are less likely to get sick and have fewer respiratory problems.

Therefore, children who are exposed to most of the germs, their risk of getting asthma is also greatly reduced.

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There will be no problem of eczema

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When a child is exposed to germs, there is hardly any chance of eczema. Actually, eczema is directly related to a weakened immune system.

This occurs when the microbiome is deficient. The further away good and bad bacteria are kept from the body, the less able the immune system will be when exposed to any germs.

Germs weaken the immune system

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Germs are believed to weaken the immune system, but children not exposed to germs can leave their immune systems vulnerable.

According to a review published in 2020, hypersensitive immune system is associated with immune response. According to experts, children need to be exposed to an environment full of germs to develop a hypersensitive immune system.

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