Get these 5 things done daily to increase the height of the child, the height will increase rapidly


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Every child’s development is different. Some children are healthy, some are lean, some are short, some are tall. But if your child’s height is less for his age, then there is a lot you can do now to increase it.

Yes, it is said that after an age the height stops growing, but before that you can do a lot to increase the height. Here we are telling you about 5 such exercises, which will prove to be helpful in increasing the height of your child.

hanging exercise

Hanging is the best exercise to increase height. It increases the strength of the hands and stimulates the muscles of the upper part of the body. It also helps in toning and shaping the body. Increasing tone and shape can also help in increasing height.

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Too Touching

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Two touching is one of the easiest exercises to stimulate the back and calf muscles. This massages the muscles of the thighs. Ask the child to do two touching exercises. If the child does this exercise from an early age, then his height will increase quickly.

cobra pose

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To do this pose, lie down on your stomach and slowly raise the upper part of your body. Keep the body tilted as much as possible so that the ability of the body’s cells to grow increases. This helps in increasing height.

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skipping a rope

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Jumping rope is a fun activity. This activity helps a lot in increasing the height. Jumping triggers cells from head to toe and activates cells. This type of exercise is great for increasing body growth and height.

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Balanced diet is also important

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Proper nutrition is also necessary to increase height. The food of the child should contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats and many types of vitamins. You try to keep him away from junk food too. Keep foods rich in calcium and potassium along with green leafy vegetables.

The distance from simple carbs such as pizza and cake is good. Zinc has a great effect on the growth of the child, so give the child seeds and peanuts to eat because they contain a lot of zinc. A balanced diet will not only keep the child healthy but will also help in increasing his height.

In this way, with the help of exercise and diet, you can increase the height of your child at the right time.

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